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Financial Goals for Kid's Aid Montrose

Kid's Aid spends approximately $3.50 per child per week to fill a backpack full of food. Supporting a child annually can be done for approximately $125. This includes providing food over the school breaks and closures.

Sponsor a child
$125 a year

You can now donate online!

According to a 2014 report from the Montrose/Olathe school district office, there are 178 children classified as “homeless”. Our goal is to provide these children with food for the weekend throughout the school year. To accomplish the goal of feeding these 178 children, we need to raise $39,516 a year. As of March 1, 2016, we are providing food for over 225 children each week. That number is continuing to grow as time goes on and there is a much bigger need. We need your help to provide for these children!

Have questions? Would like to volunteer? Would like to sponsor an event to support Kid’s Aid?
Please contact us at or 970-209-1155.